How do I select correct size vest?

The sizes are generous, & tags present only as a guide, some children have worn one size for 3 or more seasons. Babys tend to trim down when they get mobile too, vests can become a little shorter in the back length & more bollero type style as babiy/child grows. When selecting the correct size you can take these measurements of your child. 1. Across the back from shoulder to shoulder 2. Around the circumfrence of the top of the arms 3. Down the back from base of neck to just above waist. 4. Next Compare your measurements to the sizes on product page to select correct fit.

Terrarium Care

We get asked a variety of queries about our Terrariums prior to purchase. 1. How long will it last? It will last a long time with the right care & attention. 2. Will the plants grown too big? Plants will grow, you can trim back to desired size by taking larger outer leaves or any leaves that look unhealthy. its in a confined space so this will restrict growth too. 3. Can I feed it with liquid plant fertiliser? There are layers of peat soil, potting mix, sand, activated charchoal, stones, these are to help with drainage, purifying it, & keeping it nourished, after a while if the plants are looking yellow or sad you can add a very diluted indoor plant food to your spray bottle. 4. Can i over water it? Yes you can, there is some drainage but its limited so regular mist sprays are best. delicate moss can dry out so keep moist. Give it a good moisture boost by covering it for a few days, if you can find a nice looking lid leave it on, the moss will flourish & it will need less water. (water spray bottles can be purchased from most department stores. 5. Do we courier these? They have been couriered yes, this can be arranged, but at buyers own risk. 6. What do i do if moss or plants die? This sometimes happens, they might not like the position theyre in, too much light, not enough, moss does have a lifespan, so you can have fun exploring the forests & experimenting with differnt varieties, small plants can be purchased from garden stores, most indoor plants are ok. Just gently remove plant & carefully add new one in its place,



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